March 22, 2009


So happy to have finally gotten over my dressmaking phobia and made dress #2 for G! Here she is modelling the dress. (she chose the fabrics herself, but would actually have liked the skirt portion to be the amy butler's lotuses)
this photo is too funny! i have no idea what she was doing! She's actually holding playdoh in her hands, i was so worried she'll be leaving some behind on the dress! hah.
Chickened out of making the back with a zipper like the pattern called for. Instead, did 2 loops and buttons. The dress looks better with an inner t-shirt layer anyhow :)
This is the '100cm' pattern. I think i'll make one longer next time.
Going to tackle pants next! :) And who knows, i might even be brave enough to attempt a pattern for myself.... heh.


Anonymous said...

Wow looking good!! Well done!! Isn't sewing for your sweet ones fun??

huimin said...

such a sweet dress! makes me wanna have one myself too! :D

Ahfat said...

Pretty dress, your girl seems to be enjoying your sewing. :)

playfulmeowz said...

So pretty! hey Jac, Not sure if you have heard of Wee Gallery. But you may wish to ask for a Wee Gallery Iron On Patch Applique for Testing.

Check out the link at

Cheers, Kim

Anonymous said...

wow the dress is really pretty.

Whosies said...

great job. taking the leap can be fun and rewarding too.

ming said...

hey started sewing myself. onto my 2nd fairy skirt for cait :) love the dress with the amy butler fabric. been browsing fabrics and so tempted to buy heaps.