March 06, 2009


An elated G woke up in the morning, screaming "I'm 4! I'm 4"... She then proceeded to look at all her fingers, hands and feet, she kept telling me - i think they're bigger! Yup, definitely bigger!! Right mummy? lol.....
This little one has been wanting to be 4 for a very long time now. Every time anybody asks her age, she'll say - i'm 3, but i'm going to be 4 soon you know. Last week and the beginning of this week, she was counting down the days to her birthday. Everyday, she'll ask if it's her birthday yet, and if not, how many days more?
She was also extra excited because we were going to be spending her birthday with her at Sentosa - at a beach resort! And grandma and grandpa were going to be spending the whole time with us too.. heh, to her, that's the most important, that we're all there with her.
The fantastic birthday cake from HERE - lovely and moist and very much recommended! :) It made the children's day to see such a cheerful cake!
G and G, best friends in school.
4 yr olds :)
Goodie bags all laid out in school.
Singing the birthday song. Even K joined in with her - HAAA PPPEEEE .....
the fairy princess that came with the cake.
I know i say this every year, but i really can't imagine how much G has grown up this past year. She is definitely her own little person now. She is probably the most headstrong (stubborn?); most precocious (rude?); most energetic (hyper?) child that i know. She is also the most loving and expressive, most sweet and interesting daughter that one can ever hope to wish for.
After school, we headed for Sentosa, stayed again HERE, but we booked a family room this time, and it was the best thing! It had the requisite long bath, the fantastic pool, and the best thing of all - 2 min from the beach!
G in her itsy bitsy bikini.... Thanks to ku ku P!
Enjoying hammock time
K loved it as well...
This is her the whole week.... skipping, jumping, generally ridiculously happy to be 4!
K amusing herself by putting dolly shoes on her fingers
K's espadrills, again courtesy of ku ku P... :) so cute right!
my parents, thanks for spending the whole birthday celebrations with G, she loved the whole experience and can't stop talking about it!
the huge huge room.... :)
view from the other side
K at the beach. She's so different from G, refuses to even STEP onto the sand, and will grumble everytime she feels that her fingers are too sandy.... G on the other hand, will gladly roll around on the sand, clothed or unclothed....
Dearest G, Happy happy birthday to you...our sweet little 4 yr old.. Before you were born, we had no idea that you will have such a profound effect in our lives. We're not perfect parents, and have muddled through your baby years, and your early toddler years with lots of trial and errors. We would like to say that it has all been sweet and rosy, but in truth, there are many moments of screaming and shouting and scolding. Through it all, we only wanted to be the right sort of parents, but it is difficult being that, pretty much how it must be really difficult being a good little girl all the time. But G, you have lit up our lives (and the lives of all that love you) in so many many ways. From the moment you are awake, to the time you get to sleep, your continuous chatter of all things, have always been a source of joy and amusement to us. We love how you would talk about anything and everything, pausing only to indulge in your other passion - eating! We love how you are able to make up little songs with tunes that you've heard or learnt at school. We love how you face scrunches up in concentration when you're building your lego houses. We love the way you try to "teach" your sister how to read or wear her shoes. How you are so happy everytime we do an activity with you. We love the way you dance, and the way you're so keen on reading everything. Thank you for the love that you have for us, we are so proud of you, our brand new 4 yr old! - hugs and love mummy and daddy


sina said...

i totally love the cake... happy birthday lil' Gracie! ♥

Mel said...

happy birthday Gracie!!! Hope your 4th year will be even better than your 3rd! :) And lovely cake and swimsuit!

Angela Woo said...

Happy Birthday Little Gracie, the little girl is growing up so fast and prettier by the year!