March 21, 2009

[sewing is HARD!]

Heh, so, i've started sewing G a dress from this book. It looked simple enough, but i didn't know how hard bias sewing is!!! I've just frogged all my handsewn bias around the sleeves and collar. Sigh, it's all furled up and yucky. (any advise?) I'm going to try 1 more time, if it doesn't work, it's off to mum's for a rescue! heh. It's good to have a perfectionist mum.. :)

to cheer myself up that i'm not all THAT bad, have started on these other 2 sewing projects :) happy happy colours!
I love the mixing and matching of colours the most. It's got all that excitement and anticipation of a dessert not eaten. :P
This one is reading lots and lots....
this one is all about stacking and playing with dollies.
I started clearing my comp's harddisk (cos it ran out of space AGAIN! i really need to get that server system all figured out... *reminder*) and came across these pics. These are my 2 closest girlfriends, we've known each other forever and are lucky enough to have kiddies all about the same time. These are pix of us BEFORE the kiddies happened! It was (and still is) always so great to meet up, chit chat, giggle at silly jokes, talk about nothing or anything, leave off and finish each other's sentences. I don't really know why we had so much to talk about, but i always leave each lunch / tea / dinner in a state of happiness, that we are so lucky to have each other :)

So, S & P, do we share more wrinkles than calories now that we've added 6 little ones to the 'entourage'? heh......


esther said...

*gasp*! peter pan collar is not easy! all the best :) ive always wanted to sew these little girl dresses cos they are so pretty but ive got nobody to give them to. maybe one day ill try one and G or K can have it?

ming said...

these pics bring back good memories. we definately share more wrinkles (I for one) and hmm.. I think I should keep my hair short:)

shan said...

We certainly have lots more to natter on about with our little ones. Love these picturess. Memories of more carefree times!