March 12, 2009


no no, not here, but HERE... :) Thanks for featuring my little OA magnets which i did for G's 4th bday goodie bag.. i hope all her school friends and teachers loved them too!

So, just to give you all a headsup - OA is starting a weekly giveaway - HURRAY! - and we'll be posting a weekly challenge starting today. It's great fun and do drop by the blog to see lots of inspiration posts by the DTs and also product reveals. This is 1 for the "bloglines" for sure!

More pics of the 4 yr old celebrations:
can't get over how happy that fountain of water jets made her....
she could spend the whole day there if we let her!
I think she really misses it, she has been asking when we're going back.... heh. Good thing it's in the same country! haha
this one isn't diggin it so much....
another shot of the cake. The school did a brilliant summary of her (scroll all the way down) on the website! :) Thanks teachers!

We had a brilliant day yesterday, skiving off school and work to have a playdate with these 2 little ones that celebrate the same bday as G. M is the same age and E is exactly 1 yr younger. It's so fun to see them actually play together! Let's hope there'll be many more successful playdates to come!

Anybody know how to embed a Youtube video? I'm not able to do so, so here are the links:


esther said...

Hi Jacqueline!
it was nice to come by ur plc tt day :) it felt kinda surreal to finally meet someone tt ive read about :) grace is cuter in real life haha....

anyway, here's a link tt may help wrt embedding videos:

Amelia said...

G is so cute in her bikini, ha ha! Oh and I *love* OA's Ducks in a Row line!!

maryann koh said...

happy belated birthday to your firstborn! ;) she looked like she enjoyed her day throughly!