March 08, 2009

[how many times....]

...does one need to take pictures for the online gallery? heh, in my experience - lots! i'll give you a behind the scenes view of what goes on when i attempt to take some pics for uploading :
the card is placed in position for the shoot. along comes lil miss K, our inhouse 'swiper' :)
look at that unrepentant cheeky face...this is what i get everytime she snatches the card / LO / product away from the spot! How to get angry with a face like that
Look at the cheeky face!!Finally, a successful shot. Out of the viewfinder, K is slowly but surely pulling out all the gems on a LO that has just been photographed... sigh....
G likes to be part of the phototaking session too, this is her holding up the altered box....
Detail at front of box
This is how the box looks like - the dies are pretty amazing, did a whole series of dragonfly and butterfly ones out of different papers.
The dragonfly one is especially nice, with perforated score lines so that even chipboard could be bent to form flapping wings.
Papers are Basic Grey, GCD and shimmery cardstock. I love the tiny alphas too. I'm making up a little tutorial of the box, so if you want one, please leave a message!

There is a ScrapIdol contest going on HERE :
To take inspiration from an 80s cover.... my preference was "depeche Mode's" Black Celebration
My 1st attempt - echoing the skyscraper theme, using lots of different papers. Somehow, the feel is pretty different to the album cover...
Next attempt... i used G's different silhouettes to make up the base, which is similar to the flowers / people at the bottom of the artwork. The red line at the top is also lifted from the album. Inspiration for layering the papers is another attempt at making the skyscrapers...
Papers are from GCD and BG. The frames and butterflies are all made with diecuts. The layers are created from Prima's new assorted journal papers - a bargain for so many pieces (30!) of wonderful and thick journalling paper!
The last LO is just something that i've wanted to scrap about for quite awhile. Me and V have always been fashion victims, from the years in London stalking Designer Outlet sales, to trawling Club21's annual sales, this LO is about how it is a rare occassion indeed that i get to dress up in my heels and the works when my name is "mummy". heh... this is me in my super high heels during Chinese New Year.


Amelia said...

Cute last layout and shoes! I don't even remember when was the last time I got dressed up too /=P

jing said...

i will love to have a tutorial of the box.

nice pictures of little K.

Anonymous said...

me will be great if you can send me the tutorial of the lovely dupely box...^__^