March 16, 2009

[more scrap therapy]

While the kids fell asleep at 8pm on saturday night (too much excitement and running about in the day!), i had some time and broke into all my new (and old) scrap supplies. :) Haven't had such a lot of stuff done in a long time! it was really enjoyable and i really cherish such moments of creativity...
Here are the results:
I've adhered a card that i'm making together with a little tag from OA over the bottom half of the page. I like how the page is kinda like 2 different LOs combined together :)
A muted LO of the girls with some pictures over our trip to Malaysia at the beginning of this year. I love using tags that are from this Etsy shop.
Another fridge Magnet. Basically we had a similar portrait taken last year during Chinese New Year. Now the 2 of them sit side by side on my fridge :)
Family portrait - just gotta scrap that. I love the Bazzill pop dots paper. They are so refreshing! and at the same price as regular bazzill, i just had to buy loads of it!
Love these 2 pics of V and the girls :) Used the new HS big stickers :) Love them
These 2 are pretty similar. You know when you have stacks and stacks of pictures that have been printed lying around. I have that too and it really contributes to scrap inertia, so i take them and categorize them. And make a pretty cover for each event :)
Can't go without posting pics of the girls, so here's some recent ones:2 of them playing with each other. This last maybe 15minutes tops? haha
look at that cheeky face
we brought the kids to OCC to a revamped kiddie play ground. They LOVED it! Will definately be going back again soon!


Coochies & All said...

love your layouts Jacq - you have a very distinctive style and I like it!! :)

Marr said...

looking at the girls... K grown so much. :) Really look so much of you in some of the photos.

Love your creation and the way you used the tag,. from GAP! :D

BTW, where do you get the fridge magnet from ? Inspired by your creation, i must try doing the fridge magnet Gift for my friends. good for them to put on their fridge or even office magnetic cubicupboard. :)

Anonymous said...

little k is growing up so fast. where is occ?? always on the look out for good softplay areas. ;)

jing said...

hello Jacq,

may i find out from you where do you buy the pricness crown stickers ?

thanks for the post on the box. loving coming to your blog to find out new ideas.

Chok Keun said...

Beautiful LOs & projects!!!