October 06, 2008

[action packed]

I usually dun buy things on impulse (okay, maybe that's not true... lol) but when i saw these on the MM site, i just had to get them! So, what am i talking about? It's a pack of 5 actions which load into Photoshop. I tried them out with some recent pics, here's the result -
urban cross
urban cross
urban cool - i think this is my favorite action of all
and here's one 'normal' one just to compare.

Other stuff -
A fun little project that i initially wanted to carry out with G. It's basically a design your own crocs contest. The website is HERE, dateline was today!
I made this - a croc froc :P
my idea was inspired by how people would use sandals / slippers etc as seating or pillows at a beach picnic. my croc 'froc' is actually made of 2 elements - the croc slipper itself, and an addon pillow (i even stuffed them with lavender!)
this is the top view of the 2 elements - the red really reminds me of xmas! :) hence the glitter beads.
this is how the croc + froc looks like! :) perfect for seating on, sleeping on, or just cuddling :)

O! you have to check out this site - which i've just been told i've been accepted into the DT! :) YAY..... here's the SITE - and you can see my entry there too.... check back often, there's lots of inspiration coming up i'm sure!


Pris said...

love what you did with this Jacq! It looks so cozy and gives me this warm & fuzzy feeling coz it reminds me so much of christmas!

Creative B Bee said...

Love so much your works and K is so CUTE! Happy that you always updating your blog (this few weeks kekeke).

Jemma said...

love the actions and love the slippers!!

carina said...

Congrats on making the design team!! your work is totaly stunning!! //carina

Blue Banana said...

Oooo! The sunkissed is definitely my favourite!! And I totally love the slippers!!!