October 16, 2008

[more crafting]

I love taking public transport! more time on hand to do my crafting. These are some albums made while on the tube to and fro site. The journey lasts around 20min, just the right timeframe for my eyes not to get too tired staring at little stitches. I found that they are great conversation starters too! More often than not, people who sit next to me will start a conversation by asking when i'm making. This could go on sometimes for the whole of my journey! Luckily i am able to multi-task! heh heh... i enjoy my chance conversations though, discovering that people are interested in the same sort of things that i am.
So, here are the latest creations :
a commissioned piece, delivering tonight
this is the inside back cover
embroidered the little girl's name and birthdate
i 'heart' spines!
Another album cover - i love that pink fabric and the vibrant red!
Baby - an extremely young child
More felt cheque book covers - this is a gift (please email me if you would like to buy 1!)
inside pocket for knick knacks
my label...
some crazy round about sewing done while waiting for my eye evaluation yesterday
heh, yup, it's upside down.... :P
Some work in progress - i'm going to add more buttons and more stitching to this piece.
Detail of the yummy fabrics!
Another work in progress - i usually have 1 or 2 of these w-i-p pieces to relieve the boredom of always working on the same piece.
more of these notebooks completed - they are all OOAK - the whole series can be found on my flickr site.
Yay! all done... i love pics like these :P
sense of accomplishment.... off to their new owner soon... :)


Coochies & All said...

I love your creations Jacq - very beautiful! Guess you're sewing more than scrapping? I'm trying to give equal attention to both, though I'm still struggling with my sewing. :)
And congrats on branching out on your own! :)
elaine t

euni said...

these are precious. i just love them. :)

Tiffany said...

wow. beautiful as always. i love your stuff. :) that first picture with the purple fabric (with brown? shapes/lines)... do you have any scraps of that you could send my way? ;)