October 12, 2008

[interior architect vs interior designer]

Sometimes i have to explain the difference (interior designers - please don't shoot me down! it's a totally honest and 'my point of view' post!) The 1st one is a more holistic view of the interior space. It involves looking at how the space is used daily, there is quite a lot of space planning, often, there are spatial gymnastics that also involve the externals of the space (ie - roof, exterior walls, courtyards etc). Interior design on the other hand is more stylistic. It's about choosing the right type of wallpaper, just the right furniture, it's about constructing an inner lining to an already made external shell. We tend towards making interior architecture instead of interior design, i guess it goes with the training and territory of being an architect. As such, the following completed photos - might not seem 'complete' to many people. However, it does present in it's most raw form the completed space, vastly different from the original, and this is not just due to repainting or choosing the right furniture and lighting! :)
Here goes:
Come on in! Entrance hallway with builtin shoe cabinets
Full double volume loft space, 'art pieces', mezzanine space and a set of baywindows.
Brand new kitchen
Bathroom with built in cabinetry works in maple
Walk in wardrobe
Stairs leading up to the mezzanineG couldn't resist climbing up of course! :)

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vanessa said...

hello jacq!
this is vanessa, I'm currently in paris now for exchange till january next year. saw both you and victor in the venice supergarden book,congrats on the new firm and I love this apartment space you guys did up!
keep posting and updating, G and K are all grown up now!

love, vanessa

Jemma said...

WO that looks AMAZING!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for clearing this out for me!:D

Corrie said...

I think you mean "vs interior decorator]" CIDA accredited interior design programs, such as the one I will graduate from, are ALL ABOUT space planning and human experience. We have never been taught how to pick pretty pillows and wallpaper, only about the code implications of interior materials. :)

Chandell said...

@ Corrie, which program is that?

Also, to everyone, I am 39 y/o who wants to switch careers (at this late date lol) and looking to fulfill my desire to pursue a career in interior architecture. IS it realistic to complete a graduate program and pursue a career?