October 26, 2008

[not much talking]

We went to City hall yesterday for a little kid's biennale.... it's a bit of a disappointment to us, who were expecting to see more interesting artworks, but was just greeted with room after room of ikea decorated spaces. O well, G and K loved it though, just give them some toys and a big space, who cares abt highbrow art!
Some pics outside the building...
G calls us the "jeans" family!On the red carpet.
Love these 'top down' shots that V took!
More pics of G
cannot stand still.
finally, a good one! :)
Some WIP crafting - these are embroidered covers for the big (264pics) photo albums.
Do you like my new fabric?
More new fabric
Customised orders for a fantastic client!
More customised work....
Early Xmas orders.. (let me know if you would like my newsletter - i'm offering a discount for the month of oct! )
G's teacher commissioned these 3 bible covers for her 3 daughters. I love doing customised work! And they are all done and wrapped over the weekend :) The most difficult thing to do will be to keep these under wraps until xmas!!!
More pics of the embroidered work can be seen HERE.


michelle g. said...

oh wow! G has grown so much...really looking like a big girl! mia has the same converse too! your covers are so wonderful to look at. the heart bookmarks are so cute!

Coochies & All said...

Love your work Jacqueline - gorgeous and so inspirational - I know I keep saying that but it's true!! :)
I've just tagged you on my blog (angel08.wordpress.com) - hope you can find the time to play along, but if you can't, it's totally fine with me.
I also need some advice from you - will try to email you in the next few days. Thanks so much! :)
elaine t

meta-lodestar said...

Gosh! I'm loving PINK! (read: your patent pink birkies & G's pink converse!) so cool!!!