October 13, 2008

[crafty little me]

A photo album that can hold up to 250 4R pics!!! Going to list it onto the shop soon... watch out for it!
it is perfect for baby pictures
i know it's a bit more 'girly', but i think the black ribbon makes it a little less girl girl?
look at all that possibilities!
Just completed these -
notebooks! every single one is different and unique....
they make me very happy :) *psst... these have already been sold, but do drop me an email at jacqvic[at]gmail[dot]com if you would like to order one for xmas!
a quick LO done for my LSS - G and her cloud..... she's really very funny with her little comfort bu bu. It's her 'daughter', one of 10 no less! and she brings her (sometimes him) everywhere she goes. When she's feeling upset, she will seek her bolster for comfort. We asked her - why do you always have to have bu bu with you? Her answer - becos then i have something to hug! Straightforward and simple - why can't life be as uncomplicated as that!
In LOVE with these HS glossy accents. They are the perfect size to brighten up a page, and o! so affordable too. :)
A tiny card....
Something that uses up all the scraps!
This is another notebook. Slightly bigger at 8x6" :)

Thanks for dropping by!

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Jemma said...

great LO and card, but those note books are super cute!!