October 05, 2008

[birthday blessings]

Today we celebrated K's 1st birthday. It's also my birthday :) As the birth of G and subsequently K marks my entry into the 30s, by default that makes my 30s life-changing-ly incomparable to my 20s. As i approach the mid 30s, i look back in wonder at how the days and months just fly by. By and large, i'm a truly happy person. I don't really regret anything that has passed, and i always optimistically (maybe too optimistically?) look forward to what a new day will bring. I get up every morning with a joy that i've a really happy family, great parents, wonderful husband, and totally fun and cool little girls. Via this blog, and through lots of online sites, i've also managed to 'know' so many nice people! So, it is with a lot of joy and gratitude that i would like to say - Thank you! - for being in my life, making everything worthwhile. :)
happy birthday little K! :) you're 1!!! (gosh, was it already 12 months since that 1st moment we met?)
my joys
my wonderful parents - thanks so much for everything!
me and K
i sooo love her impish smiles!
pooped, sleeping while the party goes on...
up and about again!
opening up the pressies - look at their faces!
hard at work

dearest K, so cute and wonderful! :) Happy happy birthday our sweet little baby.

:) thanks everybody for coming by the party, for the lovely pressies....
More pictures HERE.


Mel said...

love your pics on fb! I can't leave comments tho.. :)

Happy birthday again to the both of you!

Jemma said...

Happy birthday to 2 beautiful girls

and congrats on the Rough Draft DT!

Zoe said...

Awww you children are adorbale. Happy Birthday! and of course congratulations on being selected for Rough Draft DT

kristin said...

happy birthday to you both!! time DOES have that sneaky way of passing by (is it because our children change so fast?) it seems like just yesterday i was reading the celebratory post on the birth of your daughter...congratulations on all the goodness and happiness in the coming year.

Blue Banana said...

Oooh! Happy Birthday to you both!! Love love those pictures on your facebook!