October 15, 2008


Just had lunch with a close friend S, who also has 2 girls of her own. We got into talking about bringing up the girls, about how she (SAHM), and me (FTWM) have different experiences about it all. It was really great meeting up, we reminisced about how it "used to be", before the kiddies came along. We look forward to the days when they are all old enough for us to have a civilised conversation while they play by themselves in one corner. Heh, too much to hope for? As i reflect, i'm truly grateful for my parents help, without whom we'll probably not be able to embark on this practice. Through S's eyes, i can totally relate to the mindless, pure just 'looking after' of 2 kids below the age of 5. The humdrum of day to day life, and the impossibility of a complete quiet moment from the time they wake to the time they sleep. I feel so thankful for not having to deal with the sibling rivalry, the tantrums, the disciplining issues, the whining, the dilly-dallying, except for the morning + evenings, and during the weekends. (thank you mum and dad!) It was great to also learn that we're not the only ones dealing with the constant bargaining, the headstrongness, the screaming matches, the pushing and hitting. Thank you for a great lunch S, and hopefully we'll get to do this again soon!
Haven't had much 1 on 1 time lately with G, so i decided to go with her for her most recent school excursion, to the zoo. It was really great, G was super excited to have me around, she kept telling everybody she met - look! mummy's here with me! She took time off to be with me in the zoo!.... it was really sweet. Here she is with her best friend Mark. :)
A pensive G - i forget how adorable she can be, especially when all the stars align and she's at her sweetest, most loving.
Making "big eyes" at the teachers!
Before the show began... clowning around

Happy to be there in the zoo... Saying grace before the food - look at all the expressions!
All sweaty and yucky....
Here's a pic of G and us on her 1st bday.
Here's one of K on her 1st bday.... do they look similar? :)

On other news, i just did my lasik evaluation today and will be going under the knife (scary!!!) next tuesday!!! can't wait to ditch my glasses!


Lina said...

Good luck with the Lasik! You won't regret it!:)

Jemma said...

looks like you had a great day!!