October 22, 2008

[like a newborn]

This is probably the last picture of me in glasses (taken the night before the op, goofing around with photobooth with K)
Yup! i went for the lasik op yesterday morning. I was at the doctor's clinic at 11am, and the op was over in just under 15min! I'm still amazed at how quick everything took place. Me, the super scaredy cat that was procrastinating this op for the longest time, as i was unsure of the whole procedure, the risks involved etc. All i can say is that now i'm still marvelling at the 'high-tech'ness of it all, a bit like going on an airplane and knowing full well that technological advnances have made the flight 99.9999% safe, yet still with that niggling "what if" anxiety. Well, i'm sure glad i did it!!!! I'm now typing this at 5am in the morning (yup, sleeping pills and afternoon naps sure screw up my sleeping cycles!) and i woke up with PERFECT eyesight. As another friend who has also done lasik told me - you feel like a newborn, able to see with clarity the minute you open your eyes! How true!! :)
So, more posts when i can finally take pics of myself without glasses!!!

Over the weekend, as G napped, what did we do? Dress K up in a schoolbag and made her pretend to 'ride' to school! heh heh....
Here she is with the cutest backpack ever!
O and she's started taking more and more steps...
Sometimes falling flat down on her bump....
Okay! i'm on the car, going to school now!
She does this handsign - like a "7" whenever she calls daddy..
Top view :)
A sneak peek at some bible covers that are on order!
More of the crafty stuff later today!


david santos said...

Really beautiful posting!!!
The children are the hope of the world.

meta-lodestar said...

WOW u're really brave to get the lasik done. Been contemplating for a while but never did it :D let me know how it goes after a while?? Kate is as C.U.T.E as ever!!

Laurence Gaby-Cossard said...

I love your posts
I'm an architect too ...
Have you any news of Stroy of My Own kit, I subcribed since a year but no news since september ???
Excuse my english, I'm French ...
Thanks a lot

Zoe said...

WOW congratulations on your newborn sight!