February 04, 2007

[1st class]

The inaugral 'V'day class was conducted last saturday at our humble home. It was a fun experience, and i hope i did provide enough pointers and principles to 'infect' the girls with the SB bug! :) Here are some pics of that funfilled saturday -

We did 2 items - 1. 12x12 LO with Valentine sentiments; 2. Itty Bitty brag book (with this, we played a little game - find 1 word that appears on all the pages)


Mel said...

congrats on getting started on your classes! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just got to know of your blog through another site. I'm a beginner in sb and I really love the LOs that you did. Are you still conducting classes? I would really love to participate. Please write back. THANKS!!

jacQ said...

hi anonymous welcome to SB - yup! classes are in the pipeline - just need to have enough people then we can have another one. Please email me at jacqvic@gmail.com :)