February 17, 2007

[happy reunion]

Today's significance has lost it's importance more and more as the years pass. Previously, it used to be when i would get together and play with cousins and relatives for that once in a year meetup in malaysia. Now, we're all grown up, each with their own pursuits, with gaps of language and interests seemingly unbridgeable. Something that was so insignificant just a couple of years ago, now with the arrival of gracie, we seem more willing and even feel that we ought to reinforce the traditions that make us who we are.
So, we're off to the reunion dinner at new house, but before that, here's what we did today -

visited Ikea, where i gota stash of the closest i could get to marrimekko fabric :)
O and it was great going to ikea at 10am in the morning - no crowds, great breakfasts , wonderful chicken wings... :) it was a good saturday morning activity

While G slept, i tacked, sewed and stitched a little bag with my new stash. Here's the before and after, with the obliging model just up from her afternoon nap.

And i had time left to also complete a simple linen & kimono fabric bag.

I'm intending to stitch another of this 'tree of life' onto the linen portion of the bag - probably in sage green thread. This one in the picture i complete many years ago....

Lastly, my token chinese new year decoration in the house - lovely twisty bamboos, with the cute little 'welcome luck' cats and gold ingots!

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR all family, friends and fellow bloggers!!! :)


shirls said...

happy chinese new year to your and your family!!!

the sewing projects are gorgeous.

Melina said...

Wow, you are just amazing!
Happy New Year!

Mel said...

Happy Lunar New Year to you and yours! Lovely art and stitching work there. :)

meta-lodestar said...

lovely bag! Oh I love the stiching of the 2 little birds and vines! happy lunar new year!

Jamie K said...

Happy New Year to you too!!

gung hay fat choy!

clarii said...

oh jacq you are too creative arh. i love the bag and you mean you can stitch too? ai yo G too fortunate lei :) i just bought a sewing machine. Do you think ill be able to do a nice bag like you for sarah too?