February 24, 2007

[2nd day pics]

Just after clicking "publish", realised i've forgotten to add the 2nd day's pictures, so here they are -
love this pic of the 2 of us
a fascinated G with her favorite in new house - the family turtle!

and like all good photoshoots, i need to add the credits line:
(model: G; location: home & new house; clothes: Chateau de Sable; stylist: mummy; photographed by: J, V & F)


zingBOOM said...

She is just the cutest ever!!!! Love seeing all these pics of her... I wonder if God knew you were a photographer and said, "I'm going to give her the most photogenic little being ever!" he he

michelle.guray said...

oooh, she is darling and what a pretty dress!