February 14, 2007

[st valentine's]

First off - HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! :) for us longtime married couples, today is just another day, but it's good to see all that love going around in the blogging world :)

So, to share a bit of love - here's what i've done recently!

'I LOVE YOU' tags - designed digitally using Adobe Indesign, and printed on Matte Cardstock

Some new look LOs i'm doing - they are my 'break' LOs from my DT commitments. So good to be scrapping "just for fun!"

O! and on a side note. I'm So happy too bcos this morning, while visiting one of the childcare that just opened (which was really horrible btw, and i shan't tarnish the 'chain's' good name by openly declaring who they are here *cos it's not a valentine's day thing to do*) we stumbled upon another kindie that was PERFECT for G! :) at least it gave off all the good vibes - great teachers, happy kids, big space for play, good curriculum - is that too much to ask for? To our surprise, there are so little places that actually fulfil these minimum (in my book) criteria! O and it's affordable..... very much so. So we'll be starting G on her first day in school after her 2nd birthday!!! Yippee Yay Yay!


Mel said...

love those tags and LOs! and the new kindy sounds great.

shirls said...

those tags and layouts look fantastic!!! abby is starting kinder next monday...i don't know how i will handle not having her around me.

susannah said...

lovin' those LOs! Great inspiration! Happy V Day!

Irene said...

love those tags, and you need to tell me where is the school that you found... kekeke... can send my younger dd there next year.

flyingmichelle said...

these tags are genius.