February 23, 2007

[237 photos]

That's the number of photos shot just over 2 days - 1st and 2nd day of Chinese New Year. And that's just the Good ones... heehee, i had to do some real springcleaning and pruned away at least twice that in Bad shots.
So, after many days of feasting and chatting, catching up on the whole year's events - who's gotten married, who's had kids - who's expecting, the usual 'showing off' of one's offsprings - here's the pictorial diary:
self timer shot - one of the many failed attempts at a posed family pic with G
catching her unawares
another timer pic - see the little monkey scurrying away just as the shutter clicked!
new house - looking at visitors
new house - cheeky game with great grandpa (love this hairdo - gotta try it out again soon)

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