February 24, 2007

[VOTE for me OK?]

I'm so excited!!! giddy and happy...... and also a wee bit stressed out - why?

I'm in MM-Idol TOP 50! It's the 2nd MM idol (basically like American Idol, but for scrapbooking) and the 1st time round, i got into the TOP 20, but didn't get very far due to insufficient votes...
This time, i really do hope i get to try a few more rounds before i get kicked out - so, here's my fingers and toes all crossed *o* and please VOTE for me!!!!!!

It's at makingmemories
The voting starts at 9 AM Monday, February 26, Mountain Standard Time (MST) ends 4 PM Tuesday, February 27. So, 31 hours to vote! Pass it on to your friends and family!

(that's around midnite on Tuesday for us till 7am on Thursday)
Thank you!


dawn said...

Will definitely vote for you! Is it one vote per person?

susannah said...

Count on my vote for sure! Good luck, sweetie!