February 24, 2007

[in a cyber desert]

How do we while away time in a place with no internet? I was glad of the 3 day break from the blogging and stalking world - no emails, no phone calls, no distraction. I did some serious crafting (ok, for my standard :P) and was pretty happy with the results :

freehand stitched the image of kitty cat - it's a 'from memory' sketch of g's fav ginger cat stuffie at home :D she's delighted with it!

another simple pouch sling - goes well with jeans!
crocheted the button, and used some old lace left behind by my aunt (another avid crafter)

i also embroidered around the lace for a more complete look. Guess what i found it's best used for? A diaper carrier - it fits the folded up diaper exactly!! heehee....until i find a nice metal handle for this little bag, a diaper carrier it remains ...


lastly, some pictures we took during the trip back to malaysia:
on the REAL train.... :)

photo shoot!


Irene said...

love the bag. you did a great job.

susannah said...

Wow, how cute is that bag??!! Super job!