February 05, 2007

[small talk]

Just gotta put this down somewhere before i forget about them. Things G said recently that made me LOL -
1. I was pointing out the curtains in her jigsaw - when she broke into song -"should all a-curtain be forgot and never brought to mind!"
2. I turned the fan down a step - told her i was making it softer (meaning not as powerful) - she said "mummy switch off the fan because it is very noisy" (soft vs loud - haha)
3. All the little descriptive things she says while watching baby noah - my favorites are "fight fight fight" (when the deer and antelope play) "go go go" (flying over the snow) "kiss AGAIN!" (when the puppet elephant teases the hippos) "auntie push it and they all fall down" (skittles) - o, and she wants it known - "Gracie don't like the zebras"
4. Vic told her that he'll be going downstairs for abit, to wash the car. G was incredulous - "daddy going to bathe the car! in a big bathtub!" LOL....
5. The things she is absorbing - she tells us to "be careful, it's slippery"; "time to wake up! mr sun has come out!"; "it's 8 o'clock!" (it is always 8 o'clock at nights and 7 o'clock in the mornings)

Will pen down more if i can remember, in the meantime, some pics of us at the vegetable farm in Kranji last sunday -

if i get my video onto youtube, i'll be posting a clip of G's rendition of "abc";"incey wincey";"row row yr boat" :D


Mel said...

So funny! haha! She's so gorgeous, esp love that last pic of her!

Edleen said...

she's really so pweety! :D