February 10, 2007

[my favorite home]

There's an ongoing blog tag game going on about posting favorite things / places in your home (i read it on K's Blog first). It is a lazy saturday afternoon after all, and i've just ate too much at the chinese new year reunion lunch at grandma's! so, here are my favorites -
the only plant i haven't killed - and it better be worthit! money plant in handthrown black glazed assymetrical bowl)
my stash of cookbooks - for those moments that i actually start cooking anything more complicated than instant noodles!
i'm a sucker for any form of crockery. scored these plastic mugs from habitat a couple of years ago- love their colour!
this is where i spend tooo much time.... :)
my scrap corner - it gets constantly rearranged, i think i need to have a more organised way of storing my chipboard alphas!
before g, we loved going to lighting shops and getting different light fixtures - this is my prized castiglioni suspended light from flos.
Petal & Dottie
A seldom seen sight - my hidden piano :P
Restored antique lamp from mum's place - pearly drapes are from last year's xmas decorations.
love the cluster of photoframes
i should go back to doing more pots - these were from the 'before G' times
G's toys - that beheaded rocking horse is testament that G has inherited our warped sense of humour.....
Ongoing projects like G's wall...
Finally finished the little cushions for G's favorite corner in the house! :) (shared with kookie the teddy bear)


zingBOOM said...

I love the clean, calm, modern style of your house. I can tell you're into architecture, too!!! :)

Jennifer Grant said...

I love the typography on your walls! Is that something you did yourself with vinyl or did you purchase custom from somewhere?? Jen