October 28, 2008


As i take stock of the year, about what i have managed to accomplish, i'm thankful for every good creative day we have been through. Life is strange right - we spend most of our time at work, earning the moolah to be able to enjoy a certain lifestyle. But often, due to the time needed to be spent at work, we are too tired and spent to be able to enjoy any lifestyle! the irony. That is why we have never regretted stopping the humdrum of 'normal' work to embark on our own practice. It has been at times scary, often worrying, but the satisfaction of devoting all your time into something that is not just purely utilitarian (ie, just to provide an income), is indescribably fulfilling. Even though i have always enjoyed my work, to be able to plan out each day in the most creative way, to be able to have the freedom to explore all sorts of creative pursuits, this is what everybody should be given a choice to do! In anycase, we are thankful for our everlasting supporters, our great friends and family and all the people that have always believed in us. :)
Heh... i'll stop rambling (this is what blogging at 5am brings about!)

This arrived yesterday!!!Yup, my brand new (old) Gocco machine!!! with lots and lots of different coloured ink.
I can't wait to get started - it came without bulbs though, so i have to order online and wait for that to arrive! :)
A work in progress for a 1st birthday album. This is based on my previous design HERE.
That little handprint is courtesy of K. :)


meta-lodestar said...

love the details on the album cover especially K's handstitched handprint!! Fabulous!

Arkerchi said...

wow... gocco machine... cool. may i know how much u spend on it and where did u order from? i am still trying to convice my dh to get me one...

Anonymous said...

oh man! where to get gocco machine?